Rose Quartz Panda Flask 32 oz Water Bottle – Sleepy Panda

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Love this bottle! I recently gave up soda and this new water bottle has been a life saver!


Water Bottle with Straw Lid 32oz Rose Quartz Pink - "Panda Flask"

Great water bottle

This water bottle keeps my drink so cold. I filled it with ice water and accidentally left it in the car for 5 hours. It was 107 degrees out and there was still ice in it. I couldn’t believe it. The only down fall is that if it turns upside down it leaks. But I still love the look and how insulated it is!

Amazing service

I had a hard time receiving My water bottle due to me putting wrong address and they where very kind and helped me as much as they could definitely would buy from there website again!!!

Great concept - needs some changes

The water bottle has SO many good aspects, and only one bad one. Unfortunately, the bad is one I consider to be a hefty issue.

It's the perfect size! The straw is a great size and you can get a fantastic amount flowing through - great when you're thirsty. It keeps your water cool for basically an entire day! Amazing!

However, the rubber(?) material they use on the lid and for the mouth piece is awful. I don't know how/why they didn't notice how bad it is. I pulled it out of the packet. The packet left a mark on the rubber. I put it in the Bag, the bag side left a mark on the rubber.
After a week of minimal use (because I was too scared to damage it) the entire rubber area was covered in scratches and marks. I've now had it for a month and totally given up. It looks like its a few years old because of how easily it marks. The mouth piece has already started to deteriorate on me. With parts of the rubber/plastic flaking off.

Would I buy it again? Only if they change the material.It functions perfectly except for this one aspect.

Hello Simone, thank you for your honest review on our Panda Flask.  We value this type of feedback. With all the bottles we've sold we have not heard of this type of issue. We think you have received a bad flask.  Can you ask that you send us a picture of this rubber top?

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